Writing Center Work

My experience with writing centers began in the fall semester of 2012 with the beginning of my assistantship at Middle Tennessee State University. Like most people, I thought writing centers were for people who had serious problems with their writing. Through working with the extremely wide spectrum of students that the Middle Tennessee State University Writing Center serves, I learned a great deal about meeting students’ needs and teaching on a one-on-one level. This work has helped my classroom teaching exponentially. I began working in multiple workshop days into writing projects and found ways of working one-on-one with my students, even if just for a few minutes, each session. This gives my students greater feedback and reduces their own anxieties about writing.

Our writing center at SUNY Adirondack has, on average, twenty tutors in any given semester. SUNY Adirondack is a community college and, as such, serves a wide-variety of student needs. The Center for Reading and Writing (CRW) strives to provide assistance and support to our students and clients at every stage of the writing process for every level of writer.

Currently, my interests are in transitioning tutoring skills to teaching. The relationship between tutoring and teaching is symbiotic; teachers who tutor learn skills on individual-instruction they may not have learned in the larger classroom environment, and tutors who teach can use their tutoring experience in designing their own classrooms to best serve and support their students.

Writing Center Related Research Projects:

  • Ongoing Project: Building Community through the Center: Connecting Writing Centers with the Local Community
  • February 6-8, 2014: Presented at the Southeastern Writing Center Association Annual Conference.  “Zen and the Art  of Writing Centers: Using Intuition as a Tutoring Tool.”



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