Finding Grace and Grit

Meredith Mandin is a first-generation college student and a new doctoral candidate. Just as she begins her doctoral program, her mother runs off with a man she just met, and her father is arrested for raping her stepsister. With a wry sense of humor at the dark and comedic turns of her life, Meredith struggles to parent her daughters and her mother, navigate the treacherous waters of competitive graduate students, and find a job to prevent sliding back into her family’s generational poverty—all while finishing her dissertation on Grace King, a pre-Modernist New Orleans writer.

Meanwhile, in her own time in the nineteenth century, nine-year-old Grace King survives the Civil War and grows into a strong, southern writer—until her own challenges threaten to destroy her sense of self and identity.

As they struggle to define themselves one hundred years apart, Meredith and Grace risk poverty and social suicide as they carve a daringly different future than the one society had prescribed.

Finding Grace and Grit shows the darkness southern women often face as well as their resolve to overcome it—all with a bright smile and a “bless your heart” attitude.

Finding Grace and Grit is forthcoming from Thorncraft Publishing,

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