Film Studies

My secondary area of specialization is film studies, an area that never fails to interest me. I successfully completed my doctoral exams in April 2015 and look forward to continuing my film studies. I especially enjoy studying cinematography and visual artistry, as well as intellectual and quirky comedies.

The following list includes presentations and projects related to my studies in Film Studies:

  • “Filming Imagination: Cinematic Influence on Wallace Stevens.” [In Progress.]
  • “Play It Again, Horatio: Olivier’s Hamlet and Film Noir.” Project completed for course in Shakespearean textual studies. This project explores Olivier’s film as fitting the traditional film noir concept.
  • “Here’s Lookin’ at You, Kid: All the King’s Men and the Film Noir.” Robert Penn Warren Circle Annual Meeting in Clarksville, TN. April, 2013. Conference.

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